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York Sharks - Wheelchair Basketball Club

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York Sharks Wheelchair Basketball Club is the friendliest club in Yorkshire!

At York Sharks we encourage both able-bodied players, those with physical impairments plus individuals with learning disabilities to come together and share a love of the sport of Wheelchair basketball.  

Players range from as young as 5 years old to those in their 60s or beyond.

Training sessions and friendly matches take place at Fulford School Sports Hall on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  We offer free taster sessions and welcome anyone to arrange to come along and give this amazing sport a try!


Practice Sessions Weekly

Choose between fun and standard sessions

6-8pm (7-9pm Feb-Apr)


Our standard practice session is designed to provide suitable warm-ups, shooting and passing drills to improve skills, approved coaching to improve knowledge and challenging game experience following similar rules to the league. 

Come along to this session if you want a longer, structured period of warm-ups followed by drills and theory, to close on a 20-minute game.

Most suitable for young adults and adults

6pm - 7pm


Our fun sessions are designed to be less intense and more fun for those with less experience or with more mobility issues.

Join this session for a more relaxed session of games such as bulldog, simple passing drills and casual games.

Most suitable for younger children and teenagers.

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Sharks on Three!

Drop us a message. We aim to bite back within 24 - 48 hours.

07521 827365

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